Sunday, September 2, 2012


My dear friend Melissa at Beautiful Feet Global Outreach recently returned from Zimbabwe bearing gifts. She has been working wholeheartedly collecting information and photos of the children in the orphanage to pass along to sponsors and hopeful sponsors.

Last week in my post Visions of Sugar Plums I introduced sweet Tadiwa. 

Tadiwa is a Shona word meaning "loved" or "favored."

Tadiwa is six years old and came to the orphanage at the age of three when her father passed away.  The whereabouts of her mother are unknown. 

Tadiwa has some developmental challenges and verbal delays but is overflowing with joy and sweetness. 

Tadiwa loves hugs, loves to be held and carried, and is always smiling. 

Tadiwa (left) with two of her friends.
Tadiwa still needs sponsors at the $25 and $30 levels.
Check out Melissa's post here about why sponsorship for these children is so important. 

The goal is that three families or individuals would come together to complete a group sponsorship for one child. The group sponsorship for Tadiwa will cover the costs of her clothing, shelter, food, school fees, and medical needs. If you cannot commit to a $25 or $30 giving level, Tadiwa would be happy to have you as part of her support group at any amount you feel led to give.

If you are interested in being part of a group sponsorship for Tadiwa you can leave your email information in a comment below, or you can email me at shebecomes(at)gmail(dot)com.

If you have any questions Melissa or I would be more than happy to answer them (some answers may be found in my previous post about Tadiwa and BFGO found here). You can see more photos of children waiting for sponsors here: BFGO photo album of children needing sponsors (and don't forget to 'like' their facebook page while you are there.)

God Bless,


Mary Beth said...

Her smile just jumps off the screen. Praying the Lord provides sponsors.

Denise said...

She is beautiful.

Rebecca said...

Thank you, Mary Beth. And yes, Denise, she is so beautiful! :)