Monday, September 3, 2012

God is Bigger than Coincidence

Soon after I came home from my unexpected leave from Zimbabwe in 2007 I connected with a girl online named Regina. We randomly found eachother through myspace, and discovered we were in Zimbabwe at the same time and in the same area, and we knew many of the same people.

It was one of those "small world" moments, and left us wishing we could have connected there, as we both could have used some extra encouragement and support in our ministries.

We found we had a lot in common. One of those things was our "Ruthies." We both had orphans named Ruth who inspired and motivated us to do what we do.

Regina and her Ruthie, 2009

Me and my Ruthie, 2010

Regina has stayed on as a missionary in Zimbabwe through Rock of Africa. A while back her ministry was moved from the rural areas surrounding Victoria Falls to the capital city of Harare. She is a social worker who trains parents and counsels children, and also works with some schools and orphanages in the Harare area.

 I have continued to follow her journey, and we stay in touch through occasional emails (and facebook, of course). She has even taken supplies in for me for some of my kiddos.

Fast forward to yesterday.

Over the weekend Melissa uploaded her photos from her recent trip to Zimbabwe, posting pictures and names of all the children needing sponsors.

As I went through the pictures I was paying special attention to those of Tadiwa. As I scrolled through, I reached this photo, and for a moment I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.

I found Tadiwa, second from the left. But then it was the girl next to her that caught my eye. I didn't immediately know how, but I knew this child.

I continued to scroll, and saw the same sweet girl in the blue shirt with the name "Ruth" in the caption. Then it hit me: this is Regina's Ruthie!

I immediately went to Regina's photos and scrolled through, and discovered many familiar faces that I was able to connect to children in the BFGO photo album. It soon became clear that the orphanage that Beautiful Feet Global Outreach supports is not only one of the orphanages that Regina works with, it is home to her sweet Ruthie.

As I scanned through photos in Regina's albums the excitement built and built. And then I found one that completely pushed my excitement over the edge.

Tadiwa, Christmas 2011
It's not everyday that you sponsor a child, and then discover you have a friend who can give her hugs for you on a regular basis.

With 1.6 million orphans living in Zimbabwe today, the chances of this happening seem impossible. It was one of those moments that made this great big world seem so very very small.

Tadiwa still needs sponsors for the $25 and $30 monthly levels (or any amount you are able to give). If you want to be part of her dream team, encouraging her to dream big and praying for those dreams to come true,  you can find more information here and here.


Modern Day Disciple said...

That is amazing! A real life connect the dots moment! Thanks for visiting. In His Grace, Dawn

Jennifer said...

Too Cool!! It's like Christmas morning as a kid!

Jess Elyse said...

This is so awesome!! How cool for that connection to be made! :-)