Friday, October 26, 2012

Celebrating Life

Can you believe this little girl is already 3 months old?

 I am so proud of her momma, who stepped into the role of
motherhood as naturally as possible.

Today Aleah got to meet Jerrie, who is one of my best friends and a spiritual mother.

They had some good conversation. I hope Aleah is soaking up all of that wisdom :)

Also in this week's news...

On Wednesday my grandma turned 86 years old.

Although quite the feat for anyone, I am extra thankful for this woman. Two years ago she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and given a few months to live (if that). Today she is cancer free, and she did it without chemo. I am proud to say that I inherited a bit of her stubborn streak, as she is living proof that it can be a good thing. Now if only I inherit just an inkling of her faith, I'll be able to move mountains.

Just a quick update on Yelena's adoption grant.

In the last week since I posted Breaking Down Barriers, $400 has been added to Yelena's adoption grant! As the amount keeps growing my body is having a hard time determining if I should jump for joy or break down in tears. Either way, thank you so very much to each of you who have shared Yelena's profile or given. Let's keep the momentum going!

Last but not least, God has entrusted this beautiful one here (another daughter of my heart) with a son who we will be welcoming into the world on Monday.

If God puts her on your mind or impresses her on your heart in the next few days, please pray for a safe and healthy delivery for both mom and baby, and just for lots of goodness to be poured into this little family. 

I'd love to hear what you have to celebrate this week!

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OliveTree said...

Your photos and thoughts ARE a beautiful celebration of life!