Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Recently, as I have been praying over kids on the Reece's Rainbow website, the older girls have really captured my heart. The girls who have mild special needs, such as Yelena who is HIV+, will eventually age out of the orphanage (around the age of 16), and at that time go out on their own, most with little or no education.

Yelena is 8 years old. I am her advocate, you can give to her adoption grant here. 

Being a teenage girl anywhere in the world is vulnerable place, but for these girls, every odd is stacked up against them. I hate statistics because these children are not numbers- they are human beings, wonderfully made children of God. But the truth is that the statistics say these girls will turn to crime, become victims of sex trafficking, or lose the will to survive and commit suicide when left out on their own.

Diana is 10 years old, is described as artistic and socially active, and needs an advocate!
Update: Diana has an advocate, but she is still waiting for her family.

These beautiful girls who were created to be loved and wanted, sisters and daughters, mountain movers, most will not be given a chance to become.

Jeanette is nine years old, only has $10 in her adoption grant, and needs an advocate!
Update: Jeanette has a family! You can still donate to her adoption through the link above.

As I look at these faces and read more statistics, I can't help but think that someone needs to step in. These statistics have to change.

Kate is 11 years old. She just watched her best friend go home with her family, and desperately longs for a family of her own

Something has to change.

Let's be that someone. Let's be the change.

Celeste is 8 years old and needs an advocate!
Update: Celeste has a family! You can still donate to her adoption fund through the link above.

I have been following this story of adoption that has rocked my world and sparked my hope of family for each and every one of these precious girls. Although raised in orphanages and institutions, they were created for family.

Olivia is 13 years old, is described as a fighter and a leader, and she needs an advocate.
Update: Olivia has a family! You can still donate to her adoption fund through the link above.

I challenge you to take a day to pray, fast, meditate on what the Word has to say about God's heart for the orphan, and listen. I hope he will break your heart like He has mine.

Octavia is 10 years old and needs an advocate!
Update: Octavia has been adopted!!

He may ask you to give, or advocate, or adopt. He may even give you crazy dreams of changing the world.

Whatever He asks, I pray you listen.

Clicking on a picture above will take you to the Reece's Rainbow profile of the child pictured, where you can learn more about them, give to their adoption grant, or inquire about becoming an advocate. 

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