Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Gift


Feels like the warm blanket I am wrapped up in. A handmade gift given by a group of church ladies to the women's shelter. It found me there when I was twelve years old and has laid graciously on my bed sharing its warmth since.

Tastes like beans and rice on a Friday night; living simply so others may simply live.

Sounds like the laughter of a child, giddy to receive a school uniform, overjoyed at the thought of attending school.

Looks like the picture hanging above my bed, the perfect gift from a thoughtful and talented stranger who is now a friend.

Smells like the weeds flowers hand-picked and given to me by a student on a hard day.

Giving is an overflow of the gift we have been given. 

The most meaningful gifts are those that reflect the heart of Christ, that share the hope and love that He came to this world to give. 

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