Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Faces of the Persecuted Church

About two months ago, as my mom was going into the nursing home to see my grandparents, she met a woman walking down the street. Within the following weeks this woman, named Elizabeth, and her daughter,  Dayam, became part of our family.

Elizabeth and Dayam live right around the corner from the nursing home and began visiting my grandparents everyday. They were there in the final weeks of my grandfather's life, and they gave a lot of support to my mom and grandma during this hard time. They spent Christmas with my family, and Dayam knew my grandpa as her grandpa. They continue to visit my grandma every day.

Elizabeth and Dayam have become an important and special part of our lives, and because of this I would like to share a bit of their story with you, and ask that as a church we can come together to help this family.

About six months ago Elizabeth and Dayam moved to Colorado from Pakistan. Elizabeth and Dayam are Christians who faced persecution in their own home, and because of this were given temporary asylum in the U.S. Elizabeth has one son who was killed in Pakistan, and also left behind a husband and another son who will hopefully join them here soon.

Because the asylum they were given is temporary, it will expire on February 11, 2013. At this time, if the application process for permancy is not completed, Elizabeth and Dayam will have to return to Pakistan.

Elizabeth has been working at a restaraunt where, because of her legal status, has been taken advantage of and is only earning $4/hour. She has also been picking up extra jobs cooking and cleaning as she can, but the legal costs for her and Dayam to stay in the U.S. are around $4,000.

This is far beyond what Elizabeth has been able to save, and far beyond what my family can give. We have had some church members step forward to help with this cost, but we still have a lot more to raise in just a short time.  I ask that as a church we model the early church talked about in Acts. I ask that those of us who can, give, so that the needs of our church family are met.

We talk a lot about the persecuted church, and I hope that you would consider taking this opportunity to help our persecuted sister and her daughter.

We have set up a paypal account in honor of Elizabeth and Dayam. At this time donations made are not tax deductible, but I ask that you would consider helping this family make a home in the United States.

Donations can be made here:
Elizabeth and Dayam Legal Fund

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