Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Day for the Motherless

Today is a beautiful day of celebration for mothers and children around the United States. For some it is also a day of sadness, a day of mourning and remembrance for those who have experienced loss of a mother or the loss of a child.

And then for others, like me, it is a day of mixed emotions. Celebration and gratefulness for having a supportive mother in my life, an amazing step-mom, and grandmothers here and in heaven who have weaved love into my life from childhood. But I am also overwhelmed with a sense of longing. Longing for the children that my arms have yet to hold, and for those I have held in my arms and hold in my heart, but are separated by distance. 

As a childless mother on this day, I cannot help but think of all the motherless children in the world. Today it is for these children that my heart truly breaks.

Here are the beautiful faces of some of these children, representing others from all around the world. As you celebrate your moms today, I ask that you also remember the orphans, the one's waiting, hoping, and longing to know the love of a mother.

(Some of these children are waiting for a family, others who do not have this opportunity are simply waiting for a sponsor and mentor to pour into their lives. For more info on any of these children and how you can help them specifically, click on the name below the photo).


 Happy Mother's Day!