Sunday, May 12, 2013

This One is Special

Earlier in my post, A Day for the Motherless, I shared photos of several children, some who are in orphanages hoping for a family to adopt them, and others in orphanages simply waiting for a sponsor and mentor to pour some love and encouragement into their lives.

Today I want to highlight one of these children who God has placed a little more heavily on my heart. Any of you who have been around here long know that, to put it simply, Zimbabwe holds a special piece of my heart.

Panashe is from Zimbabwe, and lives in an orphanage which is served by Beautiful Feet Global Outreach. As I have shared before, this ministry has adopted a group of orphanages in Zimbabwe, and is striving to not only provide the children in these homes with their basic needs, but to also provide them with love, encouragement, and support from sponsors who are given the opportunity to pour into their lives.

This sponsorship is unique, as the vision is for three to come together to provide for the needs of a child and lift them up with love and kindness. This post, The Power of Three, goes more deeply into the heart of this vision.

The child I am pleading on behalf of today, Panashe, is twelve years old. The first time I saw him there was a little twinge in my heart saying, "This one is special." Before I knew anything about him I knew there was much more under that shy smile than one could see on the surface.

Lately I have learned a little more about this young man, and the more I learn the more he holds my heart.

No information is available about Panashe's family. He came to the orphanage after police took him off the streets of Harare where he was living and fending for himself. After police found him, he spent a month in the hospital because of his poor health, after which he was able to move into the orphanage.

At the age of twelve this young man has likely seen and experienced more than you and I could imagine. I praise God that he now has a safe place to sleep and that his needs are provided. My prayer for Panashe is for God to provide someone to come along side him and pour into his life until he is overflowing with confidence and joy.

If you have seen the specialness in Panashe as I have, maybe God is asking you to be the one to bless him with your love. The goal is to have three come together, but it starts with one. If you would like to commit to becoming Panashe's sponsor at any level ($25, $30, or $35), you can do that here.


annabelle said...

gosh, what an amazing smile he has!

Linda Roy said...

I need to work harder so that I can earn more to be able to sponsor more. I see what you see Becca. I will keep him in prayer.