Saturday, November 1, 2008

Between Then and Now

Its been a while since I have taken the time and actually written a blog. Actually, to be honest, it has been no more than a passing thought the last couple months. Between work and tutoring and Youth for Christ and my new commitment to the gym(woohoo for me), I have little motivation to come home and do more than sit, maybe with a book in my hands that I may or may not actually be reading. Because it has been so long, a lot has happenend, yet not much at all has happened. You know, if I kept up and blogged regularly, I am sure there would be tons of fun little things to talk about, but since the time has passed on those little things, I guess I'll just catch up on the big things, and we'll see how it goes from there.

Today is my day with no kids. Although I have no biological children of my own, I have found that I am surrounded by kids everyday. EVERYDAY. Which, honestly I would have it no other way. I love it, but for weeks now I have been trying to have a day to myself, and it never fails that a couple hours in I cave, as there are always children to be entertained, or to be entertained by. The children I am constantly surrounded by are either 1)autistic 2) at-risk youth that I work with in downtown Fresno 3) a mentee I have picked up here or there, or 4) a teen that was once in my group home. And, in all honesty, although I NEED a break, I almost caved again today. I don't know if it is partly guilt (of turning down the little girl who called oh so sweetly at the crack of dawn asking for me to come pick her up), or if its just the fact that I miss them so much (cause really, I DO). But, never the less, I have found myself wandering today, unsure what to do with myself. And then I remebered that I have a blog. So here I am.

So, the last couple months have been busy, but FULL (full is a good thing). We have almost a totally new (and younger) group of kids in my class at work, which have brought all new challenges and levels of exhaustion, but have also brought much joy. I took my camera to school yesterday for our little Halloween party, and after a long and tiring day I came home, and I couldn't resist looking at the pictures and watching the videos and even missing those little rascals (I actually had the thought go through my head that I couldn't wait to see them on Monday, and then I made myself snap out of it so I could embrace the moment of rest).

Youth for Christ is going well. We have Saturday Sports, every Saturday bright and early. I have not started the after school club at Jefferson this semester, as there have been changes in the school's leadership and we are having to go through the beginning steps all over again (you can pray for that). But, on a positive note, I have been able to keep up with most of the kids and get to see a lot of them and their families on a regular basis. With them not coming to the school to see me it gives me more of an opportunity to go to their homes and see them and continue to build relationships with the families as well as the kids, which has been awesome.

What else? Well, Doobie is officially my dog, forever. A commitment I did not plan to make, but couldn't resist when I was given the choice of keeping him or letting him go. He brings some extra excitement to our house :) India is getting closer and closer, and I am just so stinkin' excited I can hardly contain it. I am getting things ready to take to Dilsili, little gifts that I hope will mean a lot to her. I made her a scrapbook and a picture frame and will be going to the store as soon as I pry myself away from this computer to get her some more practical gifts, like school supplies and such. (side note: although I am not raising support for this trip, we will be running day camps at some of the Compassion sites, and any donations of craft items, sports items, and such will be much appreciated and put to good use.) On top of the excitement to see Dilsili, I am altogether ready to get out of this country for a couple weeks. I will not go off on that tangent waiting to happen, so I'll just leave it at that.

Although so many other things have happened between then (my last blog) and my first trip EVER to a pumpkin patch, my "adopted" daughter telling me she has a boyfriend, who she met (you'll never guess) on myspace (that reminds me, I will also be making a stop at the bookstore to pick up a couple copies of Captivating to read through with her), my sister moving to New Mexico, going to Hume Lake and hearing the most amazing inspirational and annointed speaker ever (Lori Salierno, you should look her up), and attending a couple amazing concerts....I will leave it at that. And, after I run those errands I am avoiding so well, I will return to find the perfect blog layout that encompasses me and all I have to say (whatever that may be...and we'll see if that one actually happens.)

'til next time,

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