Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Bob

Yesterday I went back to the doctor. Once again, the results are the same. My doctor views surgery as a last resort, so we are pumping up my meds. The good news is she wants to give them time to work, so I won't have testing again for 4 months. Four months without doctor bills will be oh so nice!

I appreciate all your continued prayers, and although the test results haven't changed, I have recently had less pain, so that is definitely a praise.

On a lighter note, I took yesterday off work for my appointments. Today, when I returned, my coworkers informed me that My Little Sweetheart spent the day announcing that I wasn't at work because I was in the bedroom with Bob. Yes, I gasped too.

My coworkers are actually enjoying the Bob scenario, and tease me about it as much as possible.

We have decided the father of my child was inspired by one of these familiar faces:

Bachelor #1
Bachelor #2
Bachelor #3

So, who do you think it is? Personally, I am rooting for Bachelor #2.


2boymommy said...

Well.... bachelor #1 has a funny, but sometimes crude sense of humor. bachelor #2 can fix anything around your house. bachelor #3 knows all his bible stories.

i'm glad to hear your pain is getting better. still praying for you!!

Mrs Night Owl said...

lol 2boymommy!
Im rooting for #2, the Carpenter :)
The bedroom Bob comment was too funny!
Very glad to hear your pain is better and most definitely have you on my prayer list hun.

Rebecca said...

Well, I must announce that through word of mouth, my facebook comments, and these comments, Bob the Builder seems to be the bachelor of choice. Bob the tomato got a few worthy votes, but without arms, he just couldn't compete with bachelor #2's handiness.