Friday, January 21, 2011

Then and Now #4

When Flora was just a few days old I was given the honor of praying over her a prayer of blessing. You can read this story here. 

A couple weeks ago I was honored to pray over her again. But this time I prayed a prayer of thanksgiving for a healthy little girl. You see, last time, as I prayed, the question that hung over all of our hearts was if this little girl was born HIV+. Praise God for shielding Flora and giving her a healthy and happy childhood.


Melissa Irwin, CEO said...

Sweet praises!

Lorain said...

Dear Rebekah, I just stopped by so I thought I'd leave a comment. I think I found you through common book interests...Three Cups of Tea maybe? Just thought I'd say, inspiring blog! I'm not gonna lie I read through most of your first page posts :) Particulary, I was touched by your story of Joseph. There was resonatlly a situation in my life that, though circumstances don't correlate, felt as I imagine it felt for you "then". I'm so happy for you that you got to go back and see him happy and healthy...and might I add adorable :D
Thanks for posting! I'm hoping to be sent and I love hearing from those who allready have been.


Rebecca said...

Lorain- Thank you so much for stopping by! I would love to hear your "Joseph story" :) And oh my goodness, you are right...he is soooo adorable.

Lorain said...

His name is Anthony and he too is adorable! I've been wanting to give him a tribute post, I'll leave you the link once I get that up :)