Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bitter Sweet

I just checked my Compassion account, and I found this:

My oldest child, Dilsly
This picture makes me happy because:
~ Getting new pictures always makes me happy
~ She looks so grown up and beautiful
~ That outfit was a birthday present from me
~ She has such a big smile
~ I love her

This picture makes me sad because:
~ She is so grown up
~ She is in her last year of sponsorship
~ This will be my last updated picture of her...ever
~ And I love her

I know that soon I will be letting go and trusting her into the hands of our Father (who has been holding her all along). It is a wonderful thing because she will be graduating college with her degree in engineering. She will enter the work force and likely marry (prayerfully) a Christian man.

And she will break the cycle of poverty in her family.

This next year I will be pumping her full of as much love and encouragement as possible. I will hold on to all the letters and pictures she has sent me throughout the years. And especially the day we spent together.

But still, I will miss her like crazy.

Man, this love thing is hard.

If you would like to break the cycle of poverty and become a sponsor for a child in need, check out Compassion International. A child is waiting for you.


Melissa Irwin said...

you insprired me to write to my compassion child today. :-)

Mark Langham said...


Jess Elyse said...

So precious and beautiful!

Lala said...

I LOVE COMPASSION!!! I sponsor two kids, Tamirat and Rose. I used to work for a CI employee, and that's how I fell in love!