Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Gift of Life

In Africa it is said that

Water is life.

Here, in a place where such a resource is so readily available that we literally flush it down the toilet, it is hard to fathom our every minute of waking existence revolving around obtaining enough of it just to live.

But in many places, and for many people, it does.

Often times children cannot attend school because their hours of daylight are spent hauling water. Mothers cannot help bring in income or care for their home because of the strenuous and long labor that attaining water requires. And many times this water, this life that they work so hard to obtain, is tainted with death.

Here are the facts:

~One in six people on the planet do not have access to clean water. That is about one billion people.

~Every minute three children die from unsafe drinking water.

~Right now half of the people in developing countries are suffering from water related illness.

~Access to clean water can transform an entire community by cutting child death rates in half and dramatically decreasing hours of labor.

~$20 can provide clean water for one person, and literally change their life.

Let me say that last one again:

~$20 can save someone's life.

That is where we come.

My awesome friend, Cathrine and her husband have been saving and sacrificing for several months to build a well for a community in Africa. (For more information how this well is going to benefit its community, please check this out.)

Although the cost of building a well seems like a huge and daunting task to many of us, Cathrine stepped up in faith. And because of her faith, many many lives will be transformed and saved.

There are only 54 days left for Cathrine and her husband Joshua to reach their goal, which means there are only 54 days left for you to join in and take part in being a blessing. 

If you would like to give a precious person the gift of life you can donate through My Charity Water here.

God Bless,



Cathrine said...

Man....let me just say that you are fo sho my absolute favorite blogger E-V-E-R

Cathrine said...

Man....let me just say that you are fo sho my absolute favorite blogger E-V-E-R ...I had to post again so it would link to my blog LOL

Rebecca said...

Only $500 more, and 53 more days...its totally gonna happen ;)