Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hold Him Closer

This little boy has been on my heart and mind a lot lately, even more than usual.

If you are not familiar with Joseph's story, you can find it here, and an update can be found here.

Although Joseph is not an orphan, he became part of Tecla's orphan ministry when we first met him as an infant, in 2006, because of his dire situation.

Like so many families, Joseph's has been torn apart by alcohol and infidelity. Throughout Joseph's life, his father has been mostly absent. And when he has been present, his example has been less than ideal.

I recieved an email back in April that Joseph's father was in prison. I had mixed emotions about this. It is never a joyful thing for a child to lose his father to prison, but at the same time, he would be less destructive behind bars.

Then just last week I recieved another email. Joseph's father is now home. He was released from prison, not because he had finished his sentence, but because he is sick. The hospital has turned him away, and now he lies at home, waiting to die.

I am sad for Joseph. Sad that a loving father figure has been absent from his life. Sad that the time he spends with him now is simply because his father has no other choice. Sad that he must watch him suffer. And I am sad that Joseph will soon lose his father, because as imperfect as he has been, he is his father.

I wonder how much pain and disappointment Joseph has felt because of this man, yet I know his death will only cause more sadness.

Its one of those times I wish I could be there to hug him and hold him and love him. But I must remember that we share the love of The Father, who loves him even more than I.

And He is there to hug him and hold him and love him every second of everday.

So I ask you, Father, if it is possible, could you hold this little boy a little closer and love him a little louder, because what he needs ~now more than ever~ is the love of a Father.



Melissa Irwin said...

It is so hard to grasp that this story is so common for many young African children...and so heartbreaking, devastating. I will pray for Joseph to feel the Father's embrace because I have no doubt God is holding him close. Love to you, friend!

Mark Langham said...

Wow, Love that little guy. Father hold him close.

Selina said...

I have just red your post about Joseph and his father. I also have a boy named Joseph. He is six years old. I am praying in agreement with you that he will know Gods love even more through this trying time.

Rebecca said...

Thank you for following Joseph's story and praying... his father passed away shortly after I wrote this post. I intended on sharing earlier, but it got away from me. Please continue to pray for protection over this boy, I know God has big plans for him!